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“I joined Michaela6th in Y12 and can proudly say that I made the right choice. Everyone is so welcoming, and I noticed straight away that all the students were on the same page, striving to be the best. The biggest advantage of Michaela6th is the incredible teaching… our teachers are always looking for ways to help you understand and succeed.” – Current Y12 Student

 Michaela Sixth Form is a new sixth form in Wembley Park. Michaela Community School (our parent school) opened in September 2014, and in 2019 secured some of the best GCSE results in the country.

Our aim is to enable students to:

  • Achieve the best possible grades at A-level
  • Develop a deep understanding and love of their subjects
  • Gain entry to the best universities in the world

We offer exceptional teaching by Oxbridge and Russell Group graduates. We have unparalleled standards of academic rigour and focus, which mean our students learn enormous amounts and progress quickly and confidently at A-level.

Our students join us with 7s, 8s and 9s at GCSE, and are normally on track to achieve A*s and As at A-level. We hold our students to the highest academic and personal standards, and support them to achieve their best.

As a Michaela6th student, you are surrounded by young people who are aiming for the same as you. To find out what our students say about us, click here.

You can study a range of academic subjects, aimed at facilitating entry to a wide variety of excellent degree courses at the best universities. To find out more about our subject offer, click here.

We offer an exciting speaker programme and a range of extra-curricular opportunities that allow you to explore different subjects, degrees, career paths and other interests. To find out more about these, click here.

As a Michaela6th student, you are well-prepared for entry into the most competitive universities, by teachers who have been there and know what is required. To find out more about our university preparation programme, click here.

If you’re ready to apply, click here.