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At Michaela Sixth Form, our students aim for the top A Level results. We also believe that education involves not only academic prowess, but also experience of the working world and the development of personal skills. Whether students dream of an academic career at an elite University, or working with the world’s most successful organisations, our enrichment programme gives students the opportunity to expand their horizons even further.

Planning for university

We run Oxbridge preparation sessions for our students who plan to apply to Oxford and Cambridge University. These involve weekly interview and tutorial-style sessions where students are given unfamiliar tasks and challenged in their areas of study. These sessions push students and allow them the chance to become deep thinkers, as well as allowing them to practise the skills that are essential for success at interview and at university.

Preparing for work

As well as academic study, Michaela helps students to organise internships at various companies and organisations in a field that interests them for the summer between Year 12 and Year 13. These placements, whether in law, science or any other sector, give our students a taste of the world of work, allowing them to make informed decisions about their career plans as they move through and beyond sixth form study. Students are also encouraged to attend various speaker events during the school term to hear from industry professionals and learn more about the careers that might interest them in the future.

Our enrichment programme gives students another avenue through which they can excel, helping them to see all of the options ahead of them and to decide which will be the best possible direction for their interests and talents. Our students go on to be influential members of industry, carving the way for the future.