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Environment in Michaela Sixth Form

Michaela offers a unique learning environment which propels students to the best universities. We are a small Sixth Form, with a strong spirit of family and community, which allows our teachers and leaders to get to know students very well – their ambitions, their plans and their areas for development.

Michaela Sixth Form students will be expected to lead the school in similar ways to staff. Like teachers, they will move quietly and independently to their lessons.

We have a dedicated Sixth Form space, the Common Room, which serves as a base for independent study and socialising during the school day. While ion school, students will be in lessons or undertaking independent study in our Sixth Form Common Room.

Students have lunch off-site or in Socrateas, the Common Room café. One side of the Common Room is equipped with tables for private use by the Sixth Formers. The other side has sofas and tables for quiet study and socialising during break, lunch and before and after school. There is a section of the library dedicated to further reading in all A Level subjects, university prospectuses and course guides, as well as a range of general interest texts.

At Michaela we expect the staff and students to dress in a professional manner. The dress code for the Sixth Form is business wear.
  • Smart trousers or skirt
  • A collared shirt or blouse
  • A suit jacket or blazer
  • Smart shoes
  • Boys must wear professional ties
  • Black formal bags or backpacks