Sixth Form Preparation

Sixth Form Preparation

All students, both internal and external, who hold a conditional offer to the Sixth Form will sit one examination in each of their chosen A-level subjects. These exams will take place in August or early September.

Students will be tested on GCSE content in their chosen subject (or related content where it is not a subject they have studied before). They may also be tested on some basic A-level content.

Below you can find, for each subject:

  • What students need to know.
  • How students should go about learning.
  • Optional Extra Preparation for students who want to spend more time learning in preparation for their A-level studies.
  • Mock Exams and Marks Schemes for preparation purposes. 

All guidance is available for all Michaela students who are planning to study A-levels, whether or not you are planning to join Michaela6th. We recommend that you use it to keep on top of your learning in preparation for your A-level courses.